First Joint Mid-Year Conference Huge Success

The Washington State / Northern Idaho Moose Association has become the first Association in the Moose Fraternity to host a joint Mid-Year Conference!

The first Joint Meeting took place on the Friday of the Conference and was packed with enthusiastic Fraternalists. Both President Paul Taylor and Deputy Grand Regent Heather Morgan led the meeting and introduced the Official Visitors. Saturday morning the WOTM and LOOM held their only separate meetings to handle their various individual items, but quickly came together againĀ  for the second joint meeting that afternoon.

The men and women also worked together in multiple Heart of the Community service projects. There was an EZ-ID / Safe Surfin’ event for a local elementary classroom, where volunteers fingerprinted nineteen children. People also volunteered at the local Humane Society where they washed windows, took pets for a walk, and donated supplies to the shelter.

All in all, this Joint Mid-Year Conference was a huge success! The Official Visitors commented that they hope this idea spreads throughout the Fraternity and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds.