North Carolina Moose Lodge Honors Veterans With Hero’s Ride

For the last year, members of the High Point Lodge #693 in North Carolina have been raising funds to sponsor The Hummer Project, a program which provides any local veteran, first responder, or lodge member a Hero’s Ride to their final resting place free of cost.

The lodge has raised enough money to purchase a former Military Tactical Vehicle (Hummer) and make several modifications in order to provide a proper send-off, including adding flag displays and a customized top to protect the casket and cab.

The lodge was first inspired by Platoon 22, a nonprofit organization with the mission of raising awareness about the high number of veterans who commit suicide every year.

The project has really taken off and has generated a great response in their local community. The lodge hopes to purchase several additional vehicles in order to expand this program, and a fundraising breakfast is held the first Saturday of every month in order to help them meet their goals. Last month, 56 veterans showed up for the event and larger turnouts are expected as word spreads about the project.