February Message from Judy Davis

Ok…enough winter, already!  Mother Nature has been wreaking havoc in many of our states, and its only February…brrrrr! I will say, I have been earning many extra “activity points” as a result of all of the exercise shoveling snow!  Daylight is beginning to get a little longer and the sun seems a little warmer, and there is hope that the groundhog will see his shadow, or not…however that goes, soon we will all be enjoying our “outside” activities so get all of your inside projects done!

How are your nominating/elections processes going?  Hopefully by now, your nominating meetings are in full swing, and the coworkers of your chapters are stepping up to the plate, to run for an office.  Don’t forget to reach out to your session leader or CAC for any questions or problems that might arise!

If you have not begun working on your “DROPPED” and “EXPIRED” List, time is running out.  Remember, treat EVERY month as if it were APRIL….it will be here before you know it.  Membership seems to always be the toughest task on the list of qualifications for our chapters to earn their AWARD OF ACHIEVEMENT.  Don’t get caught short, make those calls!!!  This is also a great time for inviting friends, relatives, and folks we work with to join our chapters and lodges.  Reach out to active military and first responders, and introduce them to our program.  Call and find out when police and fire department weekly/monthly meetings are, and ask to do a short presentation.  Remember to bring lots of brochures, “WHO ARE THE WOMEN OF THE MOOSE”, “HEARD OF MOOSE”. “MOOSE BENEFITS” brochures, and even a calendar of events for your lodge/chapter.  From now until April 30th Moose International is waiving all fees and dues, for new or re-enrolled members, and it would be great if we could all waive our chapter/lodge dues also, making membership ‘free’ for these folks for the their first year.  Once they see all of the great things all of you are doing for your communities and for Mooseheart and Moosehaven, they will want to keep their membership active, forever!  These are the folks in our community that are already helping out and giving of themselves each and every day…our program will fit in with their commitment to “helping out”, and “giving back”.

I realize that St. Louis seems like forever ago, and some of you may have forgotten my request to “Raise the Roof” with “RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS”, but I am still asking coworkers to perform these “acts”, often, and email (jjdavis321@yahoo.com) me those wonderful, kind things you are doing, so that we can fill and raise that roof in Tampa!!!!  Keep them coming right up to May 1st!

Mid-year conferences are in full swing, and I am looking forward to meeting many of you on my “conference trail” these next two months. Congratulations to ALL of our new “FRIENDS” being conferred. Hopefully we will have record attendance in every association, as I know there are many fun, and educational presentations/workshops being planned.  So don’t miss them!

Be sure to visit the website to register for International Convention in Tampa, and to secure your room reservations. Congratulations College of Regent and Star Recorder Matriculates who have received call cards.  It is great to see your exciting posts on Facebook!!  See you in Tampa in June-July!

Until next time….BE KIND, ALWAYS!

Judy Davis, Grand Regent