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Added: August-September Moose Leader
Updated: Sponsor Guide
Updated: Membership Application – Spanish
Updated: Valued Veteran of the Year Ballot

New Catalog Sales Items:

Super Moose T-Shirt
Moose Life Socks
Women of the Moose Cardigan
Women of the Moose Cap
Women of the Moose Glitter Moose T-Shirt
Women of the Moose Bling T-Shirt
Moose Charities Women’s Polo
Membership/Retention Chairman Medallion
Mooseheart/Moosehaven Chairman Medallion
Higher Degree Chairman Medallion
Activities/Sports Chairman Medallion
Senior Regent Officer Medallion
Junior Regent Officer Medallion
Junior Graduate Regent Officer Medallion
Secretary/Treasurer Officer Medallion
Recorder Officer Medallion
Guide Officer Medallion
Assistant Guide Officer Medallion
Community Service Officer Medallion
Moose Foam Hand
Foam Moose Antlers


Added: September Message from Bob Neff
Updated: Youth Awareness Congress Schedule
Updated: Moose Legion Area Managers by Association
Updated: Past Moose Legion Presidents
Updated: Valued Veterans Program Timeline

Moose Legion Membership Production Stats:

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New Catalog Sales Items:

Moose Rubber Counter Mat
Curvy Moose Shot Glass
Moose Tactical Knife
Moose Stone Coasters
Moose Sweatpants
Mooseheart Red Rambler Shirt
Moose Stoneware Stein
Moose Headphones
Moose Cap
Moose Sweater
Loyal Order of Moose PAP T-Shirt
Youth Moose-tashe You a Question T-Shirt
Moose Charities Men’s Polo


Updated: Youth Awareness Congress Schedule
Updated: WOTM Training Sessions
Updated Bio: Charlie Palochko
Updated Bio: James Monroe
Updated Bio: David Dennie
Updated Bio: Fred Reichelt
Updated Bio: Marinda Fisher Morris
Updated Bio: Susan Peerboom
Updated Bio: Kimberly Pettit
Updated Bio: Judy Davis
Updated Bio: Dawn Gark
Updated Bio: Judy Hendy

Moose Legion Membership Production Stats:

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