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  Moose International
155 South International Drive
Mooseheart, IL 60539
Switchboard - 630-859-2000
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Moose International, Inc
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Moose Title Holding Company
Director General - Chief Executive Officer
William B airey

Scott Hart

Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the
Loyal Order of Moose and Moose International.

Phone: 630-966-2209

E-Mail Scott Hart

Grand Chancellor - Women of the Moose
Janet Fregulia

Barbara "Barb" McPherson

Grand Chancellor, Women of the Moose

Phone: 630-966.2243

E-Mail Barb McPherson

Chief Financial Officer
Joseph R Mech

Joseph R Mech

Chief Financial Officer, responsible for Financial Reporting, Payroll and the General Ledger.

Phone: 630-859-2000, Ext 6495

E-Mail Joseph Mech

General Governor
Steven F Greene, PSG

Steven F Greene, PSG

The office of the General Governor is responsible for all matters regarding interpretation and compliance with the General Laws of the Loyal Order of Moose and the Constitution and By-Laws of Moose International. Day-to-day duties include answering questions regarding the General Laws of the Order; issuing fraternal dispensations concerning lodge real estate matters (including - sales, leases, improvements, new construction, mortgages, etc.); to invest and reduce savings, enter into contracts, election of lodge officers; Lodge mergers and charter forfeitures; House Committee issues; State-Regional-Provincial Associations and Disciplinary proceedings.

Phone: 630-966-2207

E-Mail General Governor

Director of Business Operations
Donald Palochko

Donald J. "Charlie" Palochko, PSG

Director of Business Operations, responsible for purchasing, catalog sales, shipping and receiving, mailing and administrative services, all International Convention and corporate meeting planning, and Moose International headquarters building facility management.

Phone: 630-966-2230

E-Mail Donald J. "Charlie" Palochko, PSG

Director of Membership/Chief Marketing Officer
Kurt Wiebe

Kurt Wiebe

Director of Membership/Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for Membership Production, Membership Retention, Membership Development, Membership Recognition, Sponsor Recognition, Length of Service Recognition, Membership Benefits, R. Robert Dale Scholarship, Life Membership Processing,  additionally, he is in charge of both internal and external marketing efforts, including Moose International's, Mooseheart's, Moosehaven's and Moose Charities' Web presence.

Phone: 630-966-2228

E-Mail Kurt Wiebe

Shawn Baile




E-Mail Shawn Baile


Director of Lodge Operations
Darrell O'Brien

Darrell O'Brien


Phone: 630-966-2224

E-Mail Darrell O'Brien

Director, Ritual and Higher Degrees
Robert Neff

Robert Neff

Phone: 630-966-2227

E-Mail Robert Neff

Director of Information Systems
Eric Vonhoff

Eric Vonhoff

Director of Information Systems, responsible for all systems, processes and equipment regarding electronic transmission of data and communications within Moose International, the Lodges of the Loyal Order of Moose and the Chapters of the Women of the Moose, plus Mooseheart, Moosehaven, and Moose Charities.

Phone: 630-966-2238

E-Mail Eric Vonhoff

Legal Department/Office of General Counsel  

T. Michael Leuer

General Counsel

Phone: 630-859-6637

E-Mail T. Michael Leuer


Director of Human Resources
Barbara Irving

Barbara Irving

Director of Human Resources, is responsible for all recruiting and staffing activities for Moose International, Mooseheart, Moosehaven and Moose Charities; for administration and communication of all Company benefits to employees; for administration of employee relations, employee recognition, and employee performance programs; for assisting in development if Company policies and procedures; and ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations.

Phone: 630-966-2204

Department of Risk Management

Cynthia D Traynor, Senior Staff Attorney

Department of Risk Management, responsible for administering the self-insured Risk Pool and Fidelity Bond programs, adjusting all claims against Lodges and other units of the Order, issuing certificates of insurance, promoting safety and loss prevention initiatives, coordinating the TIPS alcohol server training program and procuring all lines of insurance coverage for Moose International, Mooseheart and Moosehaven.

Phone: 630-859-6619

E-Mail Cynthia D Traynor

Executive editor

Brenda buschbacher


E-Mail Brenda Buschbacher

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